I <3 Polar Bears! Do You?

This is my first blog post! Welcome, all!

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Our first animal of the week is… the Polar Bear!

Here are some fun facts about Polar Bears! 🙂

  • Polar Bear mother’s teach their cubs to stay still during a hunting session. If they move, the mother thump to the head.
  • Polar Bear skin is actually BLACK! Its fur is colorless… it only looks white because of the sun reflecting of the fur.
  • Polar bears can’t be seen in infrared cameras! This is because the radiation of the snow is the same as the radiation as a Polar Bear’s fur, so the Polar Bear blends in!
  • Polar Bears live in the Arctic, not in Antarctica! They do not live near penguins… penguins chill in Antarctica. The Arctic is Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. This is where a Polar Bear lives!

That is about all there is to say about the Polar Bear. They are amazing creatures that are dying because of us. Every time we drive a car, the world becomes more polluted, and the Polar Bear’s home melts more and more. Soon, these beautiful creatures will die because of us. So become more aware of Global Warming, and save the Polar Bears!

Yours Truly,



Here are the websites I used to research my information:






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