Save this cat!

Our second post is about A Liger and Tigon.

A Liger is a mix between a Lion and a Tiger, and a Tigon is a mix between a Tiger and a Lioness. They are both not found in nature, and are human bred. People breed them as an attraction in zoos.

So, sounds cool, right? You are wrong. Ligers and Tigons weren’t meant to be created, so they are very sickly. They are very prone to sicknesses. This poor, innocent creature dies in early age. Also, the Lioness or Tigress usually dies when her baby is being born. And all of this happens just for some money! People all want to see the ‘Freak Animal.’ This sad life was built just for entertainment!

People also buy the Liger and Tigon. This huge animal starts as a cub that people want to buy. But it soon turns into a huge animal that people can’t keep. This leads to abandonment. So incredibly heart breaking!

We need to help stop this incredibly cruel action and save the poor animal! Help them by spreading the word on your blog or social media account! People NEED to stop supporting organisations that breed Ligers and Tigons!


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