So, our next animal… I got us off track the winter theme, so let’s do a winter animal!

The penguin

The Penguin is super cool! Here are some fun facts.

1. Penguins are totally clean freaks!

They spend hours a day cleaning their feathers. They do this to keep their feathers waterproof. They just keep very clean and perfect feathers!

2. They have spines in the oddest places!

Penguins have spines on their beaks and tongues so they get a good grip on their food. They don’t have teeth, so they need strong beaks and tongues!

3. Their dream dinner… Pebbles!

Well, maybe it’s not their dream dinner, but penguins still do swallow pebbles and rocks. Scientists think this is so that penguins can digest food better. The rocks grind the food up! Or maybe it’s just extra weight so the penguins can dive really deep!

4. They’re just like dolphins!

Well, they jump just like them. Penguins jump in the air while they are swimming. It’s called porpoising, and it helps them swim faster to escape predators!

5. They are super warm and friendly!

They are very social- they swim in groups and stay together. And they are super warm– their temperature is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

6. World Penguin Day is April 25! Whoop whoop! Go penguins!

Penguins are awesome! See you next time!


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