Facts About Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Happy Earth Day, everyone! Here are some cool facts for Earth Day, as well as some fun ways to celebrate Earth Day!

Fact 1. 19.4 BILLION pounds of plastic as dumped into the ocean per YEAR!

It’s so sad! So much plastic is dumped into our beautiful water! 2/3 of the earth is made of water, so we should really try to keep our oceans more clean!

Ocean animals are affected by the plastic, too. Sea Turtles, as you may know, think that plastic water bottles are jellyfish, and they choke on the plastic. Also, some animals eat plastic. The animals think that they are full, but really, they aren’t getting much nutrients. Under the illusion that they are full, the animals don’t eat the nutrition they need and in most cases they starve to death.

Fact 2. 1/3 of all vertebrae animals are endangered, at extreme risk of extinction!

Rhinos, elephant, and polar bears are all animals included in this list! One major cause of this terrible fact is hunting animals just for clothing, as well as hunting them for fun. Also, habitats are destroyed. One reason for animal habitats being destroyed is to make space for roads. People vut down many trees so that they can connect different towns and cities with roads. Climate change has pushed out animals from their perfect habitats. The habitat becomes to warm, to dry, or bot suitable for the animal’s needs.

Fact 3. The Great Barrier Reef is in trouble, and we have to save it!

50% of the coral in the reef has completely vanished in the last 30 years. This happened/ is happening because of climate change and water pollution. Debris from the nearby harbor is destroying this delicate, underwater life. Also, ships drop waste and grime into the Barrier Reef. Ships need more eco-friendly systems to stop this very harmful cause.

We have a way to fix the new “in danger” label that the Barrier Reef has just been given. However, we need a real change, even though it might take a long time.

The Australian government declared that they will use 100 million Australian dollars to help the Great Barrier Reef. This is a great start!

Fact 4. New Plan to help the environment!

The Canopy project promised to support the Earth by planting 10 million trees throughout the world! An amazing addition to this challenge is that they promised to do this in 5 years! I think that this is an amazing plan, and a great way to help the earth.

This project is helping to give the world more oxygen, which we all need, as well as other animals. The project is also helping to give food to animals– and us. Trees give us so much food to enjoy. And, of course, the project is giving us cleaner air, since trees clean the air.

So far, the project is half way done. They have planted 5 million trees! Donate money to the Canopy Project here… it’s $1 for each tree they plant:


More on the next post!

Here are the amazing sites are articles that helped me create this post:

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