Fun things to Do on Earth Day!

OK, here is part two of our Earth Day Celebration!

1. Plant a seed

Plant beautiful flowers in your yard, or plant on ein a flowerpot. Either way, flowers are fun to plant, and beautiful to look at!

2. Donate Money

Donate money to the CANOPY project, or any other charities that help the earth! This is a great way to celebrate helping the earth!

Here is the link to the donation website for the CANOPY project:

3. Pick up flowers (by the roots)

Are there flowers in your soccer field? Or in your local track? Pick a flower by the roots and transport it to a safer location.

4. Write a letter

Write a letter to different companies that try to help the enviorment, giving them ideas on what to save and how to do it. Or, you can write a protest letter to companies that harm the enviorment.

5. Make a T-shirt

This won’t help the earth, but it’s fun! Get a white T-shirt, and use fabric markers or paint to decorate the shirt with picutres of the earth, of trees, or simply, “I love the Earth!”

6. Turn off the lights

You can live a day by using natural light, can’t you?

7. Limit shower time

Only take a shower for 5 minutes, and you will save so much water!

That’s all! Happy Earth Day!


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